Declutter for a good cause

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The clothing, accessories, utensils & gadgets that are cluttering your life might be exactly what someone else needs. So instead of tossing them, give them away.

Dress for Success: Helps disadvantaged women around the world who are interviewing for jobs by giving them professional, gently worn outfits, shoes and accessories.

Nike Reuse - A - Shoe: Turns old sneakers into basketball courts, tennis courts and other play surfaces.

Soles4Souls: Distributes your old shoes to those in need in more than 40 countries around the world.

Excess Access: Matches donations of house hold items with non-profits that need them.

Make smart purchase to begin with "Support manufacturers who do take - back programs"

Donate it. Schools & nonprofits often use "retired" gadgets. Many police departments & shelters have cell phone donation bins. helps consumers donate old cell phones. Donating benefits you, as well as a tax write off.

"Free cycle" it. The online community at connects donors with recipients to reduce landfill waste & strengthen communities. " your on a list serve, when ready you can tell them you have an old computer or TV that you don't need any more. the best thing is that they come & pick it up!

Recycle it. "If its broken & you can't reuse it, donate  it or free cycle it, click on They will give you drop - off locations to recycle your E - waste"


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