Large Family home for sale in Clean Mountainous Area

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 Detached Country style 1 Family Home for sale In the beautiful mountains of historical Teggiano in Province Salerno.

History of the town

TEGGIANO (anc. Tegianum, formerly called Diano), a town located in Campania Italy, in the province of Salerno, 45 m. S.E. of that town. Pop. (1901) 5095. It is situated 2090 ft. above sea-level on an isolated eminence above the upper part of the valley of the Negro (anc. Tanager), to which it gives the name of Val di Diano. It represents the ancient Tegianum a municipal town of Lucania, made into a colony by Nero, of which the ruins can be traced at the foot of the hill, with an ancient Roman bridge. An Oscan sepulchral inscription in Greek letters has been found here (cf. W. Corssen in Ephemeris Epigra flea, n. 153). It possesses a castle, several churches of some interest, and three conventual buildings. In 1497 it was strong enough to resist, under Antonio Sanseverino of Salerno, the siege undertaken by Frederick of Aragon. (T. As.)

St. Cono was born in Teggiano in southern Italy in the 1100s. He became a Benedictine monk and went on to perform numerous miracles. His remains were later embedded in a statue in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Many ancestors of Teggiano, Sassano, and the Vallo di Diano have adapted San Cono as their patron saint.

On the first Sunday in June, residents of Teggiano go to the town's cathedral and gather up the remains of their patron saint, San Cono, and escort them in procession around town. A stream of lambs and calves are herded along too, and bringing up the rear are a flock of young virgins, both male and female, wearing complex waxen. Festivals for San Cono are held throughout the world at different times of the year, including Brooklyn, New York, Buenos Aries, Argentina, Montreal, Canada, and in Venezuela. Dates celebrated include Sundays in June, which marks the patron festivity and the death of Cono, and September 27, which celebrates the transition of the remains of San Cono from Cadossa to Teggiano.

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Pro Loco Teggiano

   Teggiano Italy                                      


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Property Vineyard Side Land
Driveway Front Kitchen
Full Tiled Bath on 2nd flr. View of the 2 Master BedRooms 1 of the 2 Master Bed Rooms

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Lets begin with the 1st. entrance leading into the eat in kitchen it has ceramic tiled flr. and partially tiled walls, & a Wood burning fireplace. Adjacent to the kitchen is the family room, towards the left side is the large living room and dining room which can seat Approx 25 people. with a separate entrance.  The Middle door leads to the 2nd floor up to the bedrooms and a full blue tiled bath. there are 2 large bedrooms, 2 other mid. size bedrooms and one sm. Bdrm adjacent to the bathroom. the rear of the Home has the laundry room Storage room, Tool room Garage the property is like a maze where the animals were kept . each in its own compartment. To much to mention!!!! the size of the Home is approximately in Square meters 150 + the Animal Compartments 160, SQ Meters Land of agriculture 3.244 Sq Meters I will get the SQ Ft measures soon


  •  2 Eat In Kitchens
  •  2 King size Bed Rooms & 3 smaller ones.
  •  1 3/4 Baths
  •  2 Master bed rms. (King)
  •  Extra Lg. Liv & Dining Room
  •  Family Room
  •  2 wood Burning Fireplaces
  •  2 Garages and Prking Spot
  •  A wide verity of Fruit bearing trees
  •  Vineyard
  •  Pvt. Driveway

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