Y Rent when U can Buy

How Does Buying Compare to Renting

    Renting offers a life style that's nearly maintenance-free that may appeal to you, but consider that renting offers you No equity, No Tax benefit, and No protection against regular rent increases. If your rent has averaged $1700 a month for the last 10 Years, you've spent $204,000 with little to show for it. Isn't it time you invested in yourself  instead of your Landlord?

   Several financing options hold special advantages for first-time buyers of families with limited cash reserves. FHA- insured and VA Guaranteed Mortgages can minimize your Down Payment.

You may consider a Lease-Purchase Agreement, or borrow cash for a down payment from life insurance, profit-sharing or retirement Account.


    Let's say you'd like to buy a home that costs $ 800,000.00 After a down payment of as Little as 20% (avoid PMI) you'll finance $640.000. On a 4.5% 30 - Year mortgage, your monthly payments for principal and interest will be about $ 3,689.55 You'll also realize additional Tax, Insurance, and Home Maintenance (Keep in mind you may have an additional income if it is a Multiple Dwelling), Furthermore you'll be on your way to Owning Your Piece of the American Dream.

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How do I know for sure how much I can afford???

    We've found that affordability is probably the single biggest concern of today's first-time home buyers. Given the wide range of media coverage regularly devoted to the issue, It is not surprising that many young families wonder how long it will take them to afford their first home.

Our advice: Don't sell your self short!!! Speak to a Mortgage Banker or Broker, a good broker is committed to honesty and responsibly working with you to determine your affordable price range. There are many financing options available to you  today, and some include low down payments.

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