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Whether you're going green or not, when considering home improvement it always makes sense to start with the simple stuff.

Here are some of the 1st steps towards saving energy & money with "green" home updates.

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  •  Consult Energy Star: Go to to explore ways to make your home greener. The Web-site includes product information, advice for building & remodeling, & resources for determining your home's environmental impact.
  •  Conserve Water: Visit to learn about other items that can conserve water.
  •  Non - toxic paint: Read labels when buying paint & look for non - toxic products such as Safecoat. (Understand that adding tint to Safecoat also may add compounds & toxins).
  •  Set Up Recycling: Build a recycling station at your home, separating recyclable items into bins & composting organic materials.
  •  Reuse Materials: Everything from lumber to appliances to cabinets can often be bought at resale stores, cutting down on waste.
  •  Install Solar hot water system: Save money in the long run using a renewable energy source - the sun - to heat your water.
  •  Change Lighting: Install compact fluorescent light bulbs in your home. They last longer than standard bulbs & use about a quarter of the energy.
  •  Ask around: Ask environmentalists or others in your community to get connected to ideas that will work best for you. There are many resources to learn about the best way to live sustainably on your slice of the earth.

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