Looking for Ideal Tenants!

  Sometimes a simple "For Rent" sign in your window will draw enough attention to bring in tenants. Posting notices on bulletin boards may work. Placing ads in local publications can bring you renters, too. But the Ideal thing to do is leave it up to the Professionals, here at Verrazano Brokerage we go through great lengths in bringing you qualified Tenants.

  When Searching for tenants, you need to seek people who are willing and able to Pay their full Rent on time each month. They should also be people likely to keep their Apartments in good condition -- and to abide by any policies you may have regarding Pets, acceptable noise levels, use of Common areas, and Other matters. At Verrazano Brokerage we have Professionals that can help you !!!

  No matter how you go about your tenant Search, it is imperative to know that there are Federal, State and Local Laws that explicitly prohibit Landlords from Discriminating against particular groups when choosing Tenants. These Laws apply both to the wording and placement of Ads, and to the interviewing and selection of Applicants.

If you decide to enlist the services of a professional to help you rent your apartments make sure they a valid license to practice, ask kindly to see a pocket card that is not expired. The State Department mandates license renewal every 2 years, this is to ensure that Agents and Brokers are up-to date with new laws and regulations.    

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