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As soon as the media finds their next hot topic you will begin noticing that people really are still buying homes.


  1. How do I Find the right Agent /Brokerage ?
  2. Where can I find Property for sale ?
  3. Reasons people need to move ?
  4. Inventory Declining. ?
  5. Home pricing firming up. ?
  6. Back on Track. ?

Don't start house hunting until you seriously consider how much you can afford to pay. A little advance planning will save you time and money later, because you won't bid on unattainable houses or apply for loans that are out of your ballpark

How do I find the right Agent ?

Look for someone who you feel comfortable with, is experienced and that can show you a valid license from the Department Of State, not to pushy or overwhelming but concerned of what your needs may be.

Where can I find Property for sale ?

There are many ways to seek out a property, Internet, Home finder most Real Estate related magazines News paper, the most efficient way is to find a professional this makes life a lot more enjoyable. 

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Reasons people need to move ?

Marriage, divorce, birth, death, job transfer, & tax planning, are still happening. These people still need to buy homes. Each home that sells means at least 3 families are moving. The seller is moving out and into a home where someone is living now. The buyer is moving into the seller's former home. Someone is moving into the place the buyer moved out of. and so on.

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Inventory Declining. ?

The inventory of homes has been at a very high level. Some owners of vacant homes R beginning to consider the fact that rents have increased, & R taking their "empty" homes off the MKT. Some owner occupied homes are also being taken off the Mkt. These sellers that do not have to sell & are able to wait. Likewise, there are property owners that were considering selling their home & R now choosing to delay listing until "better times"

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Home Prices Firming Up. ?

Lower supply & higher demands will firm up home prices. The media will take notice again & will report on the price gains. Potential buyers will regain confidence. One more house will sell which will allow at least 3 more families to move. More often the move will be to purchase instead of rent, & the wheels of the housing market will turn faster & faster.

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Back On Track ?

Everyone wants to know: when can we expect the housing sector to get back to  normal?  As the housing Mkt. recovers, both 1st time & repeat buyers will gain more confidence in the housing sector. As this happens, inventory will be kept at or slightly below Mkt. demand, & this in turn will balance & spur additional increases in home price appreciation.

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